What can be rewoven?

Any kind of fabric with threads that can be pulled is usually a good candidate for reweaving. Some fabrics like flannels and tweeds reweave beautifully, while others like polyester and satin may show slightly after reweaving. Certain garments, such as raincoats and leather, cannot be rewoven.


What types of reweaving do we offer?

French Reweaving is the meticulous process of repairing damages in woven fabrics to as near perfect as possible. There are no machines involved in this Old World skill, each repair is done by hand by a skilled craftsman, one thread at a time. French weaving technique involves taking individual threads from a garment (hem, inside seams or other inconspicuous areas) and weaving them back into the fabric duplicating the same pattern so that the damage is in most cases "invisible".

Inweaving or Piece Weaving is the process generally used for larger tears. A piece of fabric is taken from an inconspicuous area of the garment and a square is woven into the garment, on all four sides, matching exactly the pattern of the garment. In some cases, this may show as a faint square outline.

Reknitting is similar to the french reweave, matching strands are taken from the garment and knitted into the damaged area matching pattern and style.